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Call of Duty – October 14, 2017

Stepping out for Christ!
“Don’t be afraid to step out in Faith towards your call.”

Dated back to : Saturday.

It was a big day for all of us.The one-day seminar which was conducted in the church was aimed at preparing the young minds to step out of fear for Christ. Thank you, Pastor Binu Vadasserikara for your inspiring words that incited a vision within all of us to do greater things for our creator. The program was enlightened with the thoughtful message and the Music that was lead by the Youth Choir of the church. Thanks to you all for offering us a chance to worship Lord again. With interactive sessions and platforms to clarify any doubts regarding spiritual matters, it was indeed a great time, a moment to be cherished forever.
We take a moment to appreciate all those who took initiative in bringing success to the program. Thank you. Let this be a beginning. Together let’s all stand for Christ.
Take a voyage through the reflections of the program.

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