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Blood Donation Campaign 2019

Blood Donation Campaign 2019

Blood donation is a service for humankind. By donating your blood, you help a needy person and save a precious life. It has a number of health benefits, but the most powerful health benefit is in the psychological realm and the fact that you donate your time to help the strangers in need.On 24th August, Gilgal IPC Church, Madiwala organized an inclusive blood donation campaign in association with NIMHANS and Lion’s Club, Bengaluru. Almost 20 to 30 donors joined the event willingly to donate their blood and be a service to others. Before the process, the donors underwent proper health checkup and blood test to be verified healthy. Around 350 to 450 ml blood was collected from each person which will be used to save at least 3 people. At the end of the campaign, the donors were given a certificate of participation. It was a great experience for first time blood donors who were keen to participate next time as well. With this camp, each one of us truly became light and gave a ray of hope for ones on the edge of life.

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